Thursday, 20 April 2017

"Nigeria 'gay wedding' bust leads to charge"

Islamic sharia enforcers called Hisbah on patrol in the northern Nigerian city of Kano

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Image caption"Much of northern Nigeria is governed by Islamic law, or SProsecutors in the northern Nigeria state of Kaduna have charged a group of 53 people with conspiring to celebrate a gay wedding.
Nigeria has an influential Christian evangelical movement in the south and strong support for Islamic law in the north, both of which oppose homosexuality.
In January 2014, the Hisbah, or Islamic police, in Bauchi state raided several locations and arrested about a dozen men accused of sodomy acts.
Some of the men later appeared before a Sharia court for a bail hearing and an angry crowd gathered outside, demanding swift and severe punishment.
Stones were thrown at the court and the hearing was halted.
Police had to shoot in the air to disperse the mob and get the suspects back to prison safely, though there they are also vulnerable.
Homosexual acts are banned in socially conservative Nigeria and are punishable by up to 14 years in jail". (Or the persons can be stoned to death outside of civil law). 

Do we really believe the status of gays in this world has finally be resolved?

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